January 16, 2013

Lists, Archives And Other Additions

Here's a brief rundown of what was added to the site today. There's support for lists, there's an archive and some other minor additions. More information inside.

January 15, 2013

Photoshop Practice and Images On The Blog

So there are now images on this blog. Take a look at how I was able to do that using a piece of a string that gets replaced using .replace() and take a look at the picture of the kid that I had to work on using Photoshop.

January 12, 2013

Spinners are Cool

In addition to mobile icons, I've also got a spinner working on this site. It was actually quite easy, but I don't know if it degrades gracefully.

January 03, 2013

Tweaking The Site Experience

How do you deliver a dynamic content exposition? This site delivers, but how is it done? Let me tell you.