About Me


Hi there. I'm Nico Verbruggen. I am a software developer who builds native and web apps. I might be a developer by trade, but in my spare time I enjoy a good story in the form of books, television, games, you name it. I even write my own stories from time to time.

Education & experience

DIVE (2018-current)

At the very start of 2018, Underlined and YungPanda formed DIVE bvba. I currently work full-time as a developer on projects for DIVE. I work on mobile apps, websites, APIs, and more. I spend most of my time working with Laravel applications (and PHP in general), and building native apps for iOS and macOS.

Underlined (2014-2017)

In 2014, I started working at Underlined. I worked on various projects including Ginto and Kana Master, two apps for iOS. I also worked on a variety of B2B applications and back-end systems, APIs, and more.

Artevelde University College Ghent (2011-2014)

I graduated at Artevelde University College Ghent in 2014 as a Bachelor in the Graphic & Digital Media, proDEV. I picked up web development and design there. I have also made some open source contributions and did my internship at iRail, where I worked on the latest iteration of iRail.be and the back-end, which is used by a variety of apps and clients.

Mail Me

Do you have feedback on the site or a question you'd like answered? Just want to talk about a project or idea? Have a question about anything open source that I did? You can always contact me via my main contact address. For specific business enquiries, check below.

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You can also find me on Twitter by tweeting @nicoverbruggen. If you enjoy the things I tweet about (mostly tech-related tweets), consider following me!

Business Enquiries

If you have business enquiries, feel free to send me a message via mail or via LinkedIn.

Please note that I generally do not respond to LinkedIn Mail, but you are free to send me a message nonetheless. I do generally read all messages I receive.

If I do not respond in 72 hours, you can consider me not interested. (If I am interested, I will often answer very quickly.)

Please note: I do not take any personal freelance assignments (since I am not a freelancer), and I am currently not looking for any job opportunities. Thank you for your consideration.