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You may be aware that I maintain multiple open source projects, the biggest of which is PHP Monitor. I hope that my software has been useful to you.

I usually develop this application in my spare time, after work. If you find the application useful and you have a bit of money to spare, please consider sponsoring me.

Donations really help with the Apple Developer Program cost, and keep me motivated to keep working on PHP Monitor outside of work hours, since I do have a day job and I’m doing this for myself and the community.

💳 If I was to charge money for the app, I would charge about €20. If you can match that (or exceed it, if you are so generous) please consider doing so. Thanks.

Have I convinced you? You can tip me via PayPal. (Note: In the future, I will be looking into other platforms for open-source contributions, but right now PayPal is the only option.)

My sincere thanks goes out to those folks who have been so generous and already sponsored me, you know who you are. Thank you.