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Please consider sponsoring future development of my open source projects, including PHP Monitor.

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You may be aware that I maintain multiple open source projects, the biggest of which is PHP Monitor. I hope that my software has been useful to you.

My software is usually licensed using the MIT License, so this is a public contribution everyone can benefit from. My hope is that the app helps lower various barriers to make software development for people all over the world easier.

Why open source & free?

So, for PHP Monitor, I know I struggled at the start to wrap my head around everything related to Homebrew and PHP configuration files and locations. I thought: this could use a better UI.

I also understood that not everyone in the world can afford all these software subscriptions and licenses, I know I couldn’t when I started out as a student!

So that’s why I have made the app available for free and open sourced the code. (Some folks have messaged me to let me know they enjoyed reading my code, and that’s cool too!)

Why support?

I usually develop open source software in my spare time, after work. If you find the stuff I make useful and you have a bit of money to spare, please consider sponsoring me. Alternatively, if I was able to help you out with support or have fixed an issue you reported, please consider it as well.

Any funds beyond that contribute towards future maintenance costs (yearly Apple Developer cost, better hardware) and such. Donations also keep me motivated to keep working on PHP Monitor outside of work hours.

If you are unable to contribute financially but would like to help me out, I really appreciate folks who spread the work about my open source work.

💳 Given my own time investment, if I was to charge money for the app, I would charge about 20 EUR per user. If you can match that amount please consider doing so. I appreciate it!

If you are using the Stripe donation link and you would like to contribute a different amount, you can use this link where it is possible to increase the quantity to bump up the amount of EUR you’re sending my way (a multiple of 5 EUR). Even a donation of 5 EUR goes a long way and is very much appreciated, of course. Thank you!

My sincere thanks goes out to those folks who have been so generous and already sponsored me. Thank you!