Ending January With A Blast

February 02, 2013

So I finally got my results back from school. I ended up not failing a single course (just like last year), which is excellent. Scores were also satisfactory so I cannot complain at all. Given the effort I put in, this is an excellent way to end January and to start the remaining 3/4ths of my free weeks. I have the rest of this week and next week off before my fourth semester at Arteveldehogeschool begins, which is magnificent. I've done great so far, and I hope to keep going at the same pace for the rest of the next months.

"StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, the game of which an expansion pack will be released mid-March. I've played more than 1.000 multiplayer matches already and the game remains fun. (And the game will get even better with the expansion!)"

As for an update on some of the other stuff I've been doing: not much exciting news there. I have been thinking about improving the website, but I haven't done that yet, and work on the planned short story is going slower than expected. I fully intend this holiday to be a proper holiday, so I won't be working as much as I had planned. No, these two weeks I'll rest easy, so I can get back into the game mid-February. March is no doubt going to be an exciting month as well, with the release of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm on March 12, Bioshock Infinite coming two weeks later, and finally the next season of Game of Thrones kicking off March 31st. Pretty sweet March if you ask me. Apparently the Apps for Ghent event is kicking off that month as well so we (as in: everyone doing proDEV) will be very busy. Regardless, February and March are good months. That is, if our projects don't end up taking a lot of time. Which they will. I'm pretty sure about that.

Update (02/02/2013): I have now added support for captions for images on the website, as you may have noticed. I will not update older articles but newer articles will now have captions under the images. An improvement, I think. I have also altered a few colours. I was tinkering around with shadows but that doesn't work well, looking at how the site was structured. I'll look into this later.