Midway Second Week Report: Site Changes to Come and More

February 20, 2013

So the second week back to University College of Artevelde is almost over. I learned a lot of new things, mostly serversite stuff, like ASP.NET and more PHP. Mostly object-oriented stuff, but it's nice. I also got my first small assignment for ASP.NET, and it only took me a single evening to solve the damn thing. See below.

Two ASP.NET applications. One executes a complex recursive mathematical formula, and the other loads a few items from a .txt file and loads entries into a dropdown box.

When it comes to website maintenance, I have changed a few things around and updated the normalize.css file, and minified it. The site will now load even faster! I will most likely start changing a few things around and start building a completely new site (that uses PHP) that everyone will be able to enjoy. But our projects come first, but prototypes of all kinds might appear in the apps section of the site. (I'm thinking a to do list, and login-prototypes will be added in the future.)