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Small update: The Cornerstone is now retina-ready!

November 20, 2013

Yes. It’s done.

Retina-ready Cornerstone?!

I have now optimised some of the images across the site - among them the 9K logo and the official site logo - to be retina-ready.

In order to not require extensions like Retina.js (which makes way too many XhttpRequests) currently we have some images which are downscaled by the browser, if you have a lower-res screen.

It isn’t exactly best practices, but for now, and until the transition is complete, if retina versions of images are present, they will be automatically served for you. These images are so small that I wonder why I didn’t provide a hi-res version from the start. Anyway, it’s done.

Revamped webapps page

I have also revamped the 9K section of the site, visit it at the webapps page.

Eurocities workshop

More information about the workshop that’s happening at Eurocities on the 28th will be available here as soon as the event is over, so that everyone can see what we’ve been doing. I hope you look forward to this, because I certainly am!