The Web Apps and a Few Site Revisions

February 04, 2013

I have been working on revising the site today, and one of the major additions this time is the Web Apps page where you can easily access the web apps I have hosted on this domain. (For instance, the NMBS app I mentioned a few posts ago.)

Landscape iOS optimisations

In addition to adding a new page, I've also improved how the site displays in landscape on iOS devices. Rotating the device will now re-arrange the site to the proper lay-out. For instance, on an iPad you can now see columns in landscape (same for iPhone 5) and the content wraps better. This means that reading the articles in landscape will be much easier.

A screenshot of The Cornerstone running on the iPhone and iPad in landscape (using iOS Simulator). As you can see, reading articles this way is much easier.

This improves the already excellent support for iOS devices. Not only do you have home screen icons, but also fluid landscape support for iOS devices.

New navigation and moving experimental features

I have also overhauled the top navigation. There's now a nice indicator that shows on which page you are at the moment. I have moved the experimental features to the bottom of the page so that they're not as conspicious as they were before. Those were all little changes that I had to think about so that they work properly. I also tested the navigation on Windows 8, where it now renders the font correctly (it didn't look nice before). That's it for any changes this week, but there's more cool stuff coming in the future, so stay tuned!