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The Quarterly Update, I.

February 22, 2015

It’s been a while since I published my piece on Android’s privacy controls. I just want to post a little update on what you can expect on my website in the coming months. I have a bunch of articles that I’m currently working on. Here’s a list of what I will be covering in the coming months:

  • The new Raspberry Pi 2. I picked one up, and I’m going to share how I use it to get the hang of using Raspbian over SSH using a terminal only.
  • A look at Linux in 2015. I’ll cover how I use Linux in my day-to-day job, and I’m planning on trying out a few Linux distributions on the desktop as well. I will also be taking a look at some of my earliest articles on my old Dutch weblog in retrospect.
  • The Internet of Things. This too fits in the narrative with the Raspberry Pi, but I’ll also cover connected devices and the like. I picked up a Fitbit at the start of the year, and I’ll be covering how using that has made me more aware about how much (or little, at times) I move and work out.
  • Electronic reading. I also made a conscious decision to purchase a Kobo ereader. I think this will be the first piece I’ll be posting in the coming weeks. It’ll be about digital reading, how an e-reader compares to a tablet, and more.

In addition to these thematic pieces, I’ll also be posting regular, brief updates throughout the year. This is an improvement over posting only a few items every now and then. I might even cover some of the recent technological topics if they arise. One that comes to mind is the Lenovo Superfish controversy which was essentially a man-in-the-middle attack that shipped with laptops. Scary stuff.1

I will also be making continuous adjustments and improvements to the website. For instance, you may have noticed that my website now supports TLS2, which has made my website more secure and encrypts the connection between you and the server, ensuring you’re connected to the real website.

If you want to follow me on Twitter you’ll get the latest updates as they get pushed out. If that’s not your cup of tea, consider subscribing to my Atom feed in your favorite RSS reader, which will also immediately let you catch up on the latest stuff I post here.

  1. I’m not bothering to write anything about that, since most things have already been covered by the press. If you want to learn more about this, you can read one of the dozen articles online about it, like this one from TheNextWeb. There’s a few great pieces on the topic as well, with people pushing for vanilla Windows installs on new computers, as well as people pushing for a no-OS option. This seems unlikely to happen, but it would be a good thing if Microsoft were to try to improve the situation by pushing more vanilla installs of Windows, like on their own Surface devices. 

  2. In fact, when you connect to my website, it’s automatically done over https. Yay for security and encryption! 

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