Coming later this Year (Soon?): The Cornerstone 2, and an update on Eurocities 2013

November 05, 2013

đź•° Feeling nostalgic? This is a post from 2013, which means I was still a student during this time. Most of my posts from this timeframe are related to school or the fiction I was writing. These might not mean much to you.

After a long vacation and some health issues (also having my wisdom teeth pulled) I have resumed work on the Cornerstone v2.

This update will be rolling out soon-ish, which means sometime between December 2013 and February 2014. The new site will be faster, or at least should be. Let’s all say goodbye to my good old spinner, which will be retired in version 2. I will also allow some form of commenting, that hasn’t been decided. Another major addition will be the portfolio and some layout changes.

Edit: August 2014. Well, that didn’t work out as planned :)

Stay tuned for more information on all this later this year. I hope to roll this out as fast as possible, but development will be slowed down by other projects. I have also removed the links to the 9K site, this has been taken down for now. The presentation is still live, though, so check that out!

Another small update on the 9K business: I (along with the other team members) will be at the 9K workshop on November 28, 2013. I hope to bring you news about the event here as well.

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