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January 16, 2013

🕰 Feeling nostalgic? This is a post from 2013, which means I was still a student during this time. Most of my posts from this timeframe are related to school or the fiction I was writing. These might not mean much to you.

So I added a few tweaks to the website today. After completing my exam of Photoshop (which went very well, thanks to all those hours of practice yesterday) I was able to add a bunch of features and improvements to the website, like.

  • A revamped menu bar
  • An archives page
  • Fixes to the menu
  • Support for lists (like this one)
  • Amount of articles displayed on homepage is now limited to a certain amount

That’s going to be all the changes for today, since my exam was in the afternoon and I didn’t have that much time to work on the site.

Future of the site

For now, I am pleased with how the site functions. Of course I haven’t done any checks in the no-js department, that’s for later. Optimisations in the archives can also be expected (being able to filter items would be useful, especially if it is a live filter) but those I’ll have to check out in the near future. I’m also looking into finding some good hosting and domain names, so if I can get that working, that’s great. Once the website is live, I can redirect people to it. This site will function in all major browsers without any kind of plugin. It will not function without Javascript.

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