On icons and writing

January 11, 2013

🕰 Feeling nostalgic? This is a post from 2013, which means I was still a student during this time. Most of my posts from this timeframe are related to school or the fiction I was writing. These might not mean much to you.

As I was practicing for my exam of webdesign, I was also looking to figure out how to use mobile icons. Namely the apple-touch-icon and what you could do with it. As it turns out, I figured it out. If you are reading this on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you will be able to add this site to your home screen and see the peculiar icon I created for this site. (Actually, that’s just the Ventures icon, but recolored.) Other news - I won’t be having a lot of time to write this month, so I’m not sure if that short story is going to be here quickly.

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