PHP Monitor 4.0 now available

November 28, 2021

I’ve just released PHP Monitor 4.0 with official support for PHP 8.1, which has now landed in Homebrew.

This release also comes with a bunch of quality of life improvements, mostly related to detecting the various PHP installations and extensions you might have installed. For example, enabling and disabling extensions and having those changes apply to the sites you’re serving has never been easier than now!

Since you can now upgrade the php formula to PHP 8.1, I’ve made the appropriate adjustments to PHP Monitor so this new version is supported.

Upgrade Instructions

The recommended way of upgrading is running brew upgrade phpmon after you’ve installed PHP Monitor using Homebrew. Because a new version of PHP has been released, however, it is recommended that you run the following:

brew update
brew upgrade phpmon
brew upgrade php
brew install [email protected]
valet install

This will upgrade your PHP installation to 8.1, and install 8.0 (which was previously the latest, stable release). If you are having issues with conflicts or incorrect linking, please see #54.

What’s New

  • Added an option to view the full PHP version number in the menu bar and switcher. You can toggle this in Preferences.
  • Added an option to automatically restart PHP-FPM when an extension is toggled. This makes for a great developer experience. This is enabled by default starting in v4.0.
  • Added support for symlinked .ini files in the .conf.d directory. This is quite the niche use case, but it was reported by at least one person and it was easy to fix, so this was an easy fix.
  • Added php alias conflict detection, which is hopefully not needed once you’ve run brew update. For more about why this was necessary, I recommend checking out this breakdown.