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PHP Monitor 5.8 now available

March 03, 2023

I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of PHP Monitor 5.8, which includes a toggle to automatically start the app at login, and adds the new PHP Monitor Self-Updater, which should make installing newer builds (updates) of the app a breeze.

In addition to these important additions in preparation for version 6.0, I have also added some minor bug fixes and improvements which are listed below.

What’s New

PHP Monitor Self-Updater

PHP Monitor is now able to update itself. That means you will not need to run brew upgrade. This will make keeping up-to-date much easier!

As you can see, there is now an option to “Install Now”. No more fiddling with Homebrew!
As you can see, there is now an option to “Install Now”. No more fiddling with Homebrew!

As usual, you can still turn off automatic update checks, of course.

The automatic updater has been built so it can update the app in a matter of seconds and (like Homebrew) it will also do a hash check to ensure the download you’re getting has not been tampered with.

Launch at login

The option to launch the app at login has been added in Settings on macOS 13 (Ventura) and newer.

On older systems you have to manually add PHP Monitor to Login Items. For more information about that, please consult the FAQ.

As you can see, there is now an option to “Install Now”. No more fiddling with Homebrew!
In Settings, you can now turn this preference on. It is off by default.

Other improvements

  • Made various improvements to PHP Doctor, including a new check that ensures that key configuration files for each of your PHP installations aren’t missing.
  • Opening the release notes now won’t close the “update available” dialog.
  • Fixes an issue with the ‘Scan Again’ button not working in PHP Doctor, and added a new check that ensures key config files aren’t missing.
  • Added note that upgrading via Homebrew is no longer the recommended upgrade method.
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Restore Homebrew Permissions’ always failed.
  • Detection of whether PHP Monitor is installed via Homebrew has been improved.
  • This update improves the Internet Access Policy for PHP Monitor (useful for users of Little Snitch or other firewalls) who may now see an explanation for requests to https://formulae.brew.sh, which may occur when PHP Monitor requests more information about the php formula in Homebrew 4.0 and newer.

Upgrade instructions

⚠️ PHP Monitor now requires macOS Monterey 12.4 or newer!
Learn more about this change and a potential workaround here.

The simplest way to ensure all of your Homebrew taps are up-to-date, and to upgrade PHP Monitor, run:

brew update-reset && brew upgrade phpmon

After running this command and installing PHP Monitor 5.8, you will be able install future updates for PHP Monitor from inside the app.