PHP Monitor 6.1 now available

September 10, 2023
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PHP Monitor 6.1 is a minor update that comes with various translations, adds support for PHP 8.3 (also via PHP Version Manager) and PHP 8.4. This update also includes a few bugfixes.

It’s been some time since the last update: with PHP Monitor being mostly feature complete I haven’t spent a lot of time on the app lately.

However, with the summer now over I’ve been working on the app some more again. I hope you all enjoy this new update, and enjoy what’s to come. I still plan to continue my work on PHP Monitor.

I have added a little disclaimer to the main repository that will point some folks to Laravel Herd, which is a very cool tool, too. This might be helpful since PHP Monitor may not be the right tool for you.

What’s New

🆕 PHP Monitor goes international

The app has been translated to a few languages. These translations were sourced via the community. Thank you to everyone involved!

This particular update comes with text in the following languages: English, Dutch, Vietnamese, German and Portuguese (Portugal).

Note: If you find a typo or take issue with a particular translation, please let me know. You can file an issue on the repository or send me an email.

PHP Monitor will respect your system language, but if you want to manually adjust the language, you can do so via System Settings.

Go to General > Language & Region and in the section Applications you can add an app where you want to override the default language.

You can manually choose a separate language for the app via System Settings, if you so choose.
You can manually choose a separate language for the app via System Settings, if you so choose.

🆕 PHP 8.3 support (detection and installation)

It is now possible to install PHP 8.3 (daily builds) via the PHP Version Manager. This is relevant since many of you may want to start testing your apps before PHP 8.3 releases later this year.

(When the final release of PHP 8.3 is available, I will make sure to update PHP Monitor so that this “pre-release” designation is removed.)

You can manually choose a separate language for the app via System Settings, if you so choose.
These builds are tagged as “pre-release” in the UI.

Note: You may need to remove PHP 8.3 and reinstall it in order to get more recent daily builds, as PHP Monitor may periodically not pick up that a new build is available. Your mileage may vary.

🆕 PHP 8.4 support (detection)

While PHP 8.4 isn’t available to install via the GUI, you can still install a PHP 8.4 build by running brew install [email protected] after tapping homebrew-php.

Note: Laravel Valet may not yet support this version of PHP. To add support, please see this workaround.

Thank You

As usual, my thanks goes out to everyone who sponsored me while I keep working on PHP Monitor.

Sponsors who are running EAP builds can stay on that channel, I’ve already pushed the release version of PHP Monitor 6.1 to that channel.

Your support keeps me motivated to keep building cool new features, and helps keep the app free for everyone.

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