Three Point Oh

July 05, 2017

Welcome to the website. You’re currently looking at the third major revision of my personal web space.

Every year, I go grab some brushes and give the site a new lick of paint, so to speak. This year, I’ve also done a bunch of stuff under the hood. Here’s the breakdown:

  • First, I’ve added a JSON feed as per the official spec to the website. If you use an app like Reeder, you’ll note that it already supports this feed. Of course, the RSS feed still exists.
  • Under the hood, I’ve made some changes to the HTML so that the page is semantically more correct, so that parsers that are used to enhance readability work correctly.
  • I silently retired the portfolio section last year, and it’s formally gone today. The Play Log arrived in its place, but the Play Log is due for removal next year. (It’ll find a new home somewhere else! Stay tuned.)

Instead of a portfolio, I have plans to introduce special blog posts that contain information about certain projects that I’ve been working on (both privately and professionally) as long as I can share the information - for some projects, I might not be allowed to divulge some of the particulars.

I also want to take some time to write down some reviews on some cool gadgets I was able to acquire over the last few months. I want to do a longform review of the Nintendo Switch, and I might have a few other surprises for you in this department as well.

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