Welcome to the new Cornerstone!

July 30, 2014

Hi there.


Welcome on my site. This is the new and improved Cornerstone with a fresh new look. I announced that this new version would be launched at the start of this year, and I didn’t really have the chance to deliver.1 If you’ve visited before, you’ll notice the newer look as well as some serious improvements to load times. The site is still optimized to keep bandwidth low, but since it is PHP driven, it is faster since it no longer requires any additional AJAX calls. This improves the site’s speed across multiple pages, but slows it down a bit when visiting for the first time and all data needs to be cached (clientside).

The new logo for The Cornerstone. For now, it’s a really simple logo.
The new logo for The Cornerstone. For now, it’s a really simple logo.

A makeover

You’ll also see improvements to the archives. There’s categories, and the posts in the archives are now fetched from a database, as opposed to being a single JSON file. The portfolio has also received a makeover, with more screenshots and image galleries. It’s easier for me to write posts as well, I can just write Markdown and it works![^2] Finally, my personal page now contains links to my LinkedIn profile, my email addresses, and other ways to contact me.

More frequent updates?

Anyway, I’m glad to be finally done with the new version. I hope you enjoy the posts, as I hope to post more frequently now that it’s easier to write for my blog using markdown.

Update: Here’s our first update! On August 4, I added an Atom feed for the last 20 articles for your RSS readers/services.2

  1. Now with 100% more footnote support, a database in the background, markdown support and a bunch of features in the pipeline. Also, it has arrived more than a year later than I hoped I would be able to launch it. Oh well, it’s been coded properly this time, and I didn’t have to rush anything. 

  2. Currently this is an Atom feed. I might add an RSS feed as well in the future, it isn’t hard. But every line of HTML that I don’t have to put in lowers the bandwidth. RSS readers will automatically find the feed when linking them an article, a category view, a list of the latest articles or the archives page. 

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