A Trailing Period Bug

November 20, 2022

I recently picked up an AMD Radeon 6800 XT to replace an older GPU in my computer since there was a Black Friday promotion. I wanted to try recording some of my gameplay with AMD’s Adrenaline software suite.

I picked a different folder on a different drive as the destination folder (W:\Capture\AMD ReLive), and there I went, recording some of my gameplay. It all seemed to work just fine!

I later went to look at my recordings, and I did stumble upon an issue when I tried to see what I had recorded when I’d been playing NieR Replicant. When trying to open the folder, Windows Explorer complained about the folder not existing.

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As a GUI that helps working with various existing software possible, the majority of PHP Monitor’s functionality is responsible for interacting with various external systems, like:

  • Directly invoking commands via the command line (via /bin/sh)
  • Directly launching (or terminating) processes (or via Homebrew)
  • Indirectly affecting running processes by modifying configuration files on the local filesystem

These external systems are often either Valet or Homebrew, but these can also be configuration files related to PHP, nginx or dnsmasq. A lot of these interactions are relatively straightforward, in theory.

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Endless Concern

October 22, 2022

For the last decade or so, I have been a loud proponent of a simple guiding principle when it comes to the market of digital goods:

Do not allow folks to infinitely repeat a singular transaction, but instead install a hard cap, preferably at one (1). Endless repeat purchases of any given product should not be possible.

We have applied the same principle to those who wish to buy alcohol at a bar: bartenders will refuse to keep serving drunk patrons.

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What's next for PHP Monitor

September 17, 2022

I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of PHP Monitor 5.6. This penultimate release of version PHP Monitor 5 brings a few new quality of life features to the app.

PHP Monitor 5.5 was released a while ago with new features like PHP Doctor (used to help you debug configuration issues) and a better onboarding experience (for those of you new to the app). Also added in version 5.5 was the ability to use custom environment variables.

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