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July 07, 2021

Every now and then, I have conversations with clients or managers who are not engineers. This is something quite inevitable: not everyone knows how to code. That’s fine, but it can be a frustrating experience for developers.

For those not versed in programming, most engineering explanations don’t make any sense. One of the few tough things to explain to non-technical or non-programming folks is the concept of constructing foundational dependencies.

Most people know what the word dependency means, but they don’t know what dependencies are in the context of building a software application, and they usually don’t know how long it takes to come up with a proper API for a particular feature.

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So, Microsoft just unveiled the next release of Windows, Windows 11. I imagine that various system builders will find that their rigs cannot be upgraded to the new version of Windows after running Microsoft’s new utility, PC Health Check. Like me, some folks might end up seeing a screen that says:

This PC can’t run Windows 11. While this PC doesn’t meet the system requirements to run Windows 11, you’ll keep getting Windows 10 updates.

If you’ve got a fairly modern CPU and/or motherboard, this could be a configuration issue with your installation of Windows 10. Let’s examine Windows 11’s system requirements to find out what could be going wrong.

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Working from home

June 20, 2021

Let this be the blog post I shall link to when anyone asks me if I prefer working from home, or from the office. It’s the former, because the flexibility is unmatched. Before I start, I would like to point out that I am aware that working from home is not possible in all industries; but for me, as a software developer, it certainly is.

So — why should we return to our offices? In response to an article that stated that some people were just quitting instead of giving up working from home, someone eloquently put it this way:

There is no less valuable time than commuting and just sitting in traffic. All of it is negative, pollution, stress, wasted time, risk of accidents, all so you can get to the office, put on headsets and not talk to a single person around you (in many desk jobs).

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I just got to one of the endings of Outer Wilds, one of the most special games I’ve ever played. If you even remotely enjoy video games, here’s what you should do: stop reading this article, set aside some time, and play Outer Wilds. (In case you’re on PC, you can grab it here.)

I understand not everyone is willing to go into a game immediately, so for those uncertain or those who have already played the game, here’s the pitch. You’re a space explorer (the newest recruit of Outer Wilds Ventures) and it’s your job to go out and explore the solar system.

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