I just got to one of the endings of Outer Wilds, one of the most special games I’ve ever played. If you even remotely enjoy video games, here’s what you should do: stop reading this article, set aside some time, and play Outer Wilds. (In case you’re on PC, you can grab it here.)

I understand not everyone is willing to go into a game immediately, so for those uncertain or those who have already played the game, here’s the pitch. You’re a space explorer (the newest recruit of Outer Wilds Ventures) and it’s your job to go out and explore the solar system.

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A trait I really appreciate in people is when they confide in me that they have no clue about something.

It’s not always easy to admit (especially if someone does know more) but knowing that you don’t know is extremely important for personal growth. We live in a society where increasingly, I find, people are having a hard time accepting that they are ignorant about stuff.

There’s whole domains I am totally clueless about and knowing this allows me to look at people who do know what they are talking about. Some people then like to say: “I’ll figure it out myself. I do my own research.”

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I follow a lot of folks on Twitter and one of the things Twitter succeeds at frequently is riling me up, and making me angry about stuff.

Sometimes, that’s fine because there are serious issues plaguing our industry! However, sometimes people are just jealous of other folks’ success stories and want to bring them down. (Which I think is unfortunate. As a sidenote, I do think that bad ideas deserve to be called out.)

In my previous post about PHP Monitor I touched on a few of my fundamental rules for developing the tool. One of the reasons I have these rules is because I have recently felt that our industry is leading us in the wrong direction.

Most importantly, I think software should carefully make use of your hardware, so that your machine isn’t slowed down due to bad technical decisions or features that are not needed.

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PHP Monitor blew up

April 14, 2021

If you go back in time to earlier in February, my utility app, PHP Monitor had just reached 30 stars, this a year and a half after the first version was released on GitHub. One of the soft goals I set when I refactored the app a while ago was to reach 100 stars by the end of the year.

On the last day of March, PHP Monitor blew up on Twitter. At the time of writing this, the app has received 621 stars on GitHub. I’m very proud that so many folks seem to like what I’ve built.

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