I really enjoy the Fire Emblem franchise. Ever since playing my first Fire Emblem game on the 3DS in 2014, I've been playing the other entries in the series, even going as far as to play fan translations of Japan-only entries in the series. In 2017, during the Fire Emblem Direct, Nintendo announced that they'd be bringing Fire Emblem to mobile as well.

Here’s a list of all the software I use on a frequent basis. My colleagues frequently joke that I use too much paid-for software, but I believe that software developers deserve to be paid for their hard work, so I have no issues purchasing good software. I also believe using the right tools for the job is worth a little bit of money.

If you’re reading this, then I’ve updated my website. Here’s the kicker: you might not notice many differences with the previous version. After all, it looks mostly the same, with minor styling tweaks here and there.

For a side project a friend and me have been working on, we’ve been using Discord whenever we needed to talk. In order to have a record of the conversations we have, we’ve been recording those sessions locally. Me on my end, my friend on the other end. Later, we’d merge the audio of both ends. A little bothersome, but not too annoying.