FREEImprove your Laravel Valet experience on the Mac by using PHP Monitor. Now with 900+ stars on GitHub!

I’ve just released PHP Monitor 4.0 with official support for PHP 8.1, which has now landed in Homebrew.

This release also comes with a bunch of quality of life improvements, mostly related to detecting the various PHP installations and extensions you might have installed. For example, enabling and disabling extensions and having those changes apply to the sites you’re serving has never been easier than now!

Since you can now upgrade the php formula to PHP 8.1, I’ve made the appropriate adjustments to PHP Monitor so this new version is supported.

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I’ve just released PHP Monitor 3.5, which brings official macOS Monterey support, as well as official support for PHP 8.1 (even though it isn’t officially releasing until later in November) and support for pre-release versions of PHP 8.2.

The latter is totally new in this version, as PHP 8.1 support as already included in PHP Monitor 3.4, but that wasn’t officially supported, of course.

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August 30, 2021

I had a decent amount of fun writing this one. This post contains two sections. The first one is about what I currently consider to be humanity’s primary problems. I think various interesting topics can fall under any of these: consider the danger of machine learning an ethical consideration, as well as a potential education issue, for example. (In fact, many things in life are education issues.)

The second section of this post is all about my thoughts on various aspects of life, after going through a period of self-reflection and introspection.

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