I’ve just released PHP Monitor 3.5, which brings official macOS Monterey support, as well as official support for PHP 8.1 (even though it isn’t officially releasing until later in November) and support for pre-release versions of PHP 8.2.

The latter is totally new in this version, as PHP 8.1 support as already included in PHP Monitor 3.4, but that wasn’t officially supported, of course.

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August 30, 2021

I had a decent amount of fun writing this one. This post contains two sections. The first one is about what I currently consider to be humanity’s primary problems. I think various interesting topics can fall under any of these: consider the danger of machine learning an ethical consideration, as well as a potential education issue, for example. (In fact, many things in life are education issues.)

The second section of this post is all about my thoughts on various aspects of life, after going through a period of self-reflection and introspection.

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August 09, 2021

In life, we all put down boundaries in our relationships: with friends, bosses and colleagues at work, but also with significant others. If you do not enforce any transgressions of those established boundaries, where does one stand? Well, you’re probably fighting a losing battle, if you don’t.

In my personal circle, it has been known for a few weeks that I recently had to part ways with a partner that I was with for more than a decade. I won’t lie, it’s been a heart-wrenching situation, the fallout of which I will be dealing with for the foreseeable future.

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