Here’s a list of all the software I use on a frequent basis. My colleagues frequently joke that I use too much paid-for software, but I believe that software developers deserve to be paid for their hard work, so I have no issues purchasing good software. I also believe using the right tools for the job is worth a little bit of money.

If you’re reading this, then I’ve updated my website. Here’s the kicker: you might not notice many differences with the previous version. After all, it looks mostly the same, with minor styling tweaks here and there.

For a side project a friend and me have been working on, we’ve been using Discord whenever we needed to talk. In order to have a record of the conversations we have, we’ve been recording those sessions locally. Me on my end, my friend on the other end. Later, we’d merge the audio of both ends. A little bothersome, but not too annoying.

My 2018 Video Game List

December 23, 2018

Last year was a fantastic year for video games. This year, we got more games from existing franchises that did really well: some were soft reboots, others anticipated sequels. This year I played some of the latest and greatest, but I also went back and played some older games. Regardless, let’s start off with the usual top three, boy!