A prelude to storytelling

July 09, 2016

It’s just been a period of turmoil after Julius Caesar’s assassination, and a relative peace has just returned to Rome. The consul Octavian, Caesar’s heir, has risen among the ranks and become a consul. As a gesture, he has sent the admiral Cordus Decius to Egypt for an investigation into lost cargo. But all of a sudden, the ship that the admiral is on ends up in a maelstrom, and the ship sinks. At least, that’s what should have happened. After becoming submerged and losing consciousness, alll the passengers who were on board find themselves on a strange island. Now it’s up to them to find out why and where they have found themselves — a strange thing, since land was at least a week away.

That’s the start of Mylonian Ventures, my first full NaNoWriMo manuscript (so it’s 50000 words long — which is the length of a reasonable small novel). To this date, it’s just been gathering dust somewhere in my cloud storage’s folder. However, I will be sharing my experience as I read through this horrific monster of a novel and start the process of revision. At the end of this journey, I hope to be able to present a finished book.

I will be posting observations and impressions as I go through my own old manuscript and start editing. I hope this is going to be a fun experience and I wanted to share it with the internet. Stay tuned.

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