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Venturing through the manuscript

April 19, 2017

It’s been a few years since my first attempt at writing a 50k novel in 2011. I’ve recently found myself reading through this manuscript again, thinking: What the hell were you writing? Some of this makes no sense!

You see, for the last five years or so, I’ve been busy at creating more of the lore around this story — all of which I’ve catalogued in a private wiki of mine. I’ve recently given the wiki a total new look, and I’ve been working slowly at expanding the universe of the story I wrote then.

Today, looking back at all the stuff I’ve invented in between, makes the thing I wrote in 2011 look like exactly what it was at the time: a little seedling. From that seedling, over time, many more things have grown. New ideas, tweaks to the story, and more importantly, a totally unique history for a new world.

All of the story I wrote, which is called Ventures, takes place on a world called *The Shard * — but in 2011, it was not called that. I’ve been paging through some of my notes I wrote back in 2009, which in a few years are almost a decade old.

It’s surprising how some of these things still sound like good ideas, and how some of them have aged poorly.

I should set some time apart just to go through the entire manuscript again and see what sticks.

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